11th Digit Touch Tool
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11th Digit Touch Tool


Antibacterial Bronze Touch Tool


The 11th Digit Touch Tool spawns from a fresh perspective on distancing ourselves from germs. Finely crafted from naturally antibacterial and antiviral billet bronze, this simple yet effective EDC tool lets you navigate uncharted new territory with style.Use it to press buttons in the elevator, pull door handles, carry grocery and delivery bags, or use it to open a beer bottle. The 11th Digit even doubles as a stylus so you can use it to operate pressure sensitive and capacitive touchscreens! The 11th Digit is precision CNC machined from a naturally antimicrobial 95% copper bronze alloy, which makes it incredibly durable and corrosion-resistant. Rather than relying on a coating or surface treatment, the antimicrobial benefits are permanent due to the atomic structure of the copper in the alloy.