8″ Down-Firing Subwoofer
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8″ Down-Firing Subwoofer


Down-Firing Subwoofer


The SB8 subwoofer is the perfect companion for any home theater or compact music system, and it makes an ideal match for any Atlantic soundbar. But don’t let it’s petite size fool you, the SB8 shares the same high-end features found on our top of the line subwoofers. Its down-firing design takes advantage of the acoustic benefits of woofer-to- floor acoustic coupling for exceptionally powerful response.Just because the SB8 is Atlantic’s smallest home theater sub doesn’t mean they skimped on its features or hookup exibility. Like all of their subs, the SB8 has an adjustable crossover, a crossover bypass setting for use with electronics that have built-in bass management, auto-on signal sensing, phase control, and a detachable AC power cord, and special proprietary distortion-detection circuitry that prevents the SB8 from emitting objectionably-distorted sound, regardless of how hard it’s pushed.