AccuBow 2.0
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AccuBow 2.0


Realistic Virtual Archery & Bowhunting Simulation


Practice your aim form the comfort of your home with the AccuBow 2.0. This virtual archery system connects to the dedicated Accubow 2020 app where you can hone your skills with realistic virtual archery and bowhunting. Simply download the app, attach your smartphone to the included phone mount, and you’re ready to start shooting! The real bow string center can easily be adjusted from 10-70 pounds of pulling resistance with the dual resistance dials, making it ideal for users of all skill levels. The new AccuBow 2020 app offers 21 shooting modes, including target shooting, bowhunting, bow fishing, build-your-own archery range, treestand hunting, dangerous game, and even archery golf. Customize your shooting settings and immerse yourself into realistic graphics and animations for the ultimate virtual archery experience.