Adjustable Tension Grip Exerciser
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Adjustable Tension Grip Exerciser


Adjustable Portable Tension Grip Exerciser Set
Set of 2


For those who require exceptional grip strength, the VariGrip Pro Pack has you covered. This set of 2 adjustable tension grip exercisers will help give you a competitive advantage by helping you improve your grip strength, endurance, speed, and dexterity. Ideal for experienced climbers, mixed martial artists, weightlifters, athletes, and more, the VariGrip sport Pro Pack helps you compete at a higher level. VariGrip Sport’s patented Variable Tension Technology lets you adjust the resistance level to provide customized conditioning for each finger, as well as the entire entire hand, wrist, and forearm. The base is ergonomically designed to be extra wide to disperse pressure for maximum comfort and correct usage, and features a built-in callus builder. Portable and practical in design, VariGrip Sport allows you to work out anywhere, anytime.