AK T5p Gen 2
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AK T5p Gen 2


Handcrafted Excellent Headphones


The AK T5p Gen 2 is the latest collaboration between beyerdynamic – the renowned German manufacturer with almost 100 years of headphone-making heritage – and Astell&Kern. Featuring a closed-back design, the AK T5p Gen 2 is tuned for optimal audio performance with Astell&Kern’s portable players, providing peerless clarity across all frequencies, plus excellent bass reinforcement.AK T5p Gen 2 uses high-efficiency Tesla Technology, and comes with an audiophile-grade 2.5mm 99.8% pure silver and OCC hybrid detachable balanced headphone cable. Handcrafted in Germany, satisfy the highest standards, AK T5p Gen 2 utilizes the highest quality materials to provide incomparable comfort and exceptionally precise sound, which ensures individual music pleasure and an optimal listening experience.