Assorted Vacuum Bags
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Assorted Vacuum Bags


Assorted Vacuum Bag Set
Set of 10


The Fresh & Save Vacuum Bags are designed to work with the vacuum pump to keep food fresh up to five times longer than non-vacuum storage. Freeze whole dinners, reheat lunch for one, or package up fresh ingredients. The easy-zip closure ensures a tight seal and no spills, and the included liquid barrier helps to ensure liquids aren’t absorbed by the vacuum pump.Simply fill the bag and close with the practical leak-proof zipper. Dock the vacuum pump onto the bag valve and at the push of a button extract the air in mere seconds. It stops automatically once a sufficient vacuum has been obtained. Then simply press the push button in the middle of the red silicone valve on the bag to seal it securely. Aromas and vitamins are locked in and food stays fresh up to five times longer!