Bakblade 2.0 Shaver
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Bakblade 2.0 Shaver


Back Hair Shaver


For millions of men around the world, unwanted back hair is an uncomfortable reality. The baKblade makes the hair removal process quick, easy, pain-free, and affordable. The baKblade’s unique blade cartridges are specifically designed to give you the cleanest, closest, and safest shave possible. Best of all, the unique design of these patented DRYglide blades ensures that you get the absolute best shave in just minutes whether you choose to dry shave or wet shave. Expanding your grooming routine is a no-brainer.The baKblade 2.0’s new look is sexy and sporty with a more ergonomic design. The s-shaped handle gives full range of motion so you can shave all those hard to reach areas.