Bluetooth 4.0 RGBW LED Bulb
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Bluetooth 4.0 RGBW LED Bulb


App-Enabled Bluetooth Bulb


The app-enabled Bluetooth 4.0 RGBW LED Bulb is perfect for setting the mood, and elevating the atmosphere, whether you’re hosting an event or spending a relaxing evening at home. It offers natural settings that bring the sunlight indoors, such as soft yellow tones to calm the mind, or a blueish-white hue to make you feel more energized, in addition to 16 million adjustable colors that span the entire color spectrum.You can even set a custom schedule using the dedicated app, allowing you to drift off into sleep with slowly dimming lights or wake up naturally by automatically increasing light in the morning. Just swap out your old light and take charge of the atmosphere in your space 24/7.