Chirp 3-Wheel Pack
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Chirp 3-Wheel Pack


Muscles Relief Wheel Pack


Get back-popping, knot-kneading relief whenever you need it with the Chirp 3-Wheel Pack. The Chirp is based on the principle that life should be enjoyed, not simply endured, which is why it combines smart materials with an innovative design to offer simple yet effective relief for your back and neck pain. The patented Spinal Canal provides an anatomically perfect 4-way stretch, while the proprietary compression-sensitive padding ensures a relaxed, cushy, and comfortable feel. The 5 width of the wheel provides total stability to support your body, while still fitting comfortably between your shoulder blades so you can roll out your entire back and neck.This pack includes three wheel diameters designed to provide three distinct types of relief— gentle, medium, and deep tissue. Use all three as an ongoing maintenance system to put an end to pain, and start living freely!