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Innovative Smart Bamboo Cutting Board


Make quick work of meal prep with the innovative Chopbox. This smart bamboo cutting board is equipped with two cutting surfaces, two knife sharpeners, a food scale, and a timer all in one sleek, slim design. Complete with a UV lamp to keep the cutting surfaces hygienic, Chopbox provides all the functionality of multiple essential kitchen tools without the need for additional equipment that would clutter your counters and kitchen storage. The key to proper knife work is a razor sharp cutting edge. The Chopbox makes it convenient to keep your blades in working order with two built-in knife sharpeners set at a 15-degree angle. Slice, dice, and chop all your ingredients on the Chopbox’s two cutting surfaces, then use the built-in scale to ensure the proper ratios for your recipe. The scale can measure in grams, kilograms, ounces, or pounds, so it’s perfect for everything from baking to meal portioning. ChopBox is fully waterproof and easy to wash with soap and warm water. For enhanced disinfection, turn over the second, smaller board and place it on top of the main cutting surface. Click the UV button on the control panel and the Chopbox’s integrated UVC lamp will turn on to disinfect both cutting surfaces. You can also place up to 3 knives in the gap between the two cutting boards at the end of the Chopbox to sanitize them at the same time.NOTE: The UVC light is 253.7 nm and small in size, with only an angle wide enough to cover the cutting surface. It is 100% safe for anyone to be near this light. The UVC light will turn off automatically as soon as it detects separation from the main cutting board – or you can use the UVC button on the Control Panel to turn it off manually. This UVC light will not have any adverse effects.