Don Pablo Bourbon Infused Coffee Single Serve Cups
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Don Pablo Bourbon Infused Coffee Single Serve Cups


Bourbon-Infused Colombian Coffee K-Cups
Set of 6


As soon as you open the package, the sweet powerful aroma of Bourbon gives you the hint that this is not your average coffee. The Bourbon-Infused Coffee from Don Pablo Coffee is soaked in fine Kentucky Bourbon before it’s roasted so the beans can absorb every drop. It’s then dried and roasted in small batches to a perfect golden blonde roast. The natural sugars in the beans and the Bourbon are in perfect harmony when roasted just right. The result is an intense and full-bodied coffee with Bourbon flavor notes of caramel, honey and butterscotch. The marriage of these natural flavors is a fine balance of sweet and spice, fruitiness and nuttiness, partially derived from the Bourbon’s maturation in seasoned oak casks. The coffee’s natural cocoa-toned finish is smooth and velvet-like with a lasting residual sweetness that calls for another sip.