Duxs Sneaker
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Duxs Sneaker


Men’s White Travel Sneakers
White (US: 6.5)


The DUXS Sneaker is a water-repelling, all-terrain shoe that doesn’t compromise on comfort, style, or performance. This lightweight and breathable sneaker features a 3D knitted mesh upper that makes them comfortable enough to wear all year-round. The addition of a bionic-finish makes them water, oil, and soil repelling, so your sneakers will dry faster and stay as colorful as the day you got them. The super light, rubberized heel profile will securely hold your foot in place, while its slip-proof “footprint” sole allows you to take the shoe anywhere without worry. Take them with you from mountain tops then back to the city, never worrying about being caught in a rainstorm. Take them through the rain, mud, and snow. These comfortable, minimalist sneakers will always keep you protected, where ever you go.