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Eagle Eyes Optic


Gunmetal Night Driving Eyeglasses
Ultralite NL Night-Driving Glasses


Night driving glasses that weigh less than half an ounce! Ultralite® Night-Lite® glasses have a rimless stainless steel frame with yellow non-polarized technology for anti-glare nighttime driving.It’s not your imagination. Car headlights really are getting brighter. Today’s HID headlights produce about twice the light of more traditional halogen headlights, and that’s before considering aftermarket upgrades, fog lamps and drivers who forget to turn off their brights. Eagle Eyes’ exclusive Night-Lite® optical technology is the answer. It works to filter out high-intensity glare in night driving situations, softening harsh lights from high beams, lifted trucks and semis in the oncoming lane; and works to block high-intensity glare from LED signage. Their exclusive micro-infused yellow lenses are designed for optimal clarity and definition, and you’ll have a better visual experience during your night drives. Ultralite® Night-Lite® glasses give you all this technology in an advanced ultra-light rimless profile with high-strength, lightweight stainless-steel temples. The whole thing weighs less than half an ounce. Combined with adjustable, non-slip nose pads and soft silicone-gel temple tips, it’s no surprise that many drivers report that they’ve never worn a more comfortable pair of glasses.