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Eagle Eyes Optic


Gold Aviator Polarized Sunglasses
Memory Flex Polarized Sunglasses


Finally, a pair of aviators that can adapt, bend, and flex to keep up with your life. Memory Flex™ aviator polarized sunglasses have flexible titanium alloy, great styling, and unique UV filtering technology. Iconic style and technological innovation, ready for your face.Eagle Eyes’ exclusive Memory Flex™ frame technology is made with an innovative titanium alloy. The Memory Flex™ alloy is ten times more pliant than steel with enough flexible strength to be bent over-and-over and return to its original shape every time.Memory Flex™ glasses are a great alternative to frequently replacing expensive sunglasses. Every penny of their purchase price goes towards technology, quality, and engineering. These affordable, high-quality, great-looking sunglasses are built to last.The frames aren’t the only special thing about Memory Flex™ glasses. Every pair comes with lenses that were developed from Original NASA Optic Technology. TriLenium® 7 Polarized lens technology blocks out 99.9% of vision-destroying UVA radiation, UVB radiation, and harmful blue light that can damage your eyes.A flexible titanium alloy, great styling, and unique UV filtering technology would probably be enough for most other manufacturers. But Eagle Eyes took the next step with Memory Flex™ sunglasses, and added a 2x Scratch-Guard™ coating that works hard to keep the lenses scratch-free for a long time.Next, the lenses were treated with a separate oleophobic and hydrophobic coating. This optical quality Eagle Eyes® coating work to repel smudges and stains from liquids and oils, like the oils found in your fingertips.