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Eagle Eyes Optic


Bronze Night Driving Eyeglasses
Blade NL Night-Driving Glasses


Blade Night-Lite® night driving glasses feature ergonomic wraparound lenses to provide anti-glare from oncoming traffic and dangerously bright LED lighting. The yellow non-polarized technology is anti-reflective for nighttime driving.Today, night driving is dominated by ultra-bright high beams, lifted trucks, poorly installed DIY Headlight Upgrade kits and overly bright LED signage. We’re all looking for a tool that helps us cut through the high-intensity glare of a trip down the highway after dusk. That search is what led Eagle Eyes to develop their exclusive Night-Lite® night driving lens technology, and form that technology into the sleek, ergonomic Blade Night-Lite® night driving glasses. Night-Lite® optical technology works to filter out high-intensity glare in night driving situations. It works to soften harsh lights from high beams, lifted trucks and semis in the oncoming lane, and overly bright LED signage. The exclusive micro-infused yellow lenses are designed for optimal clarity and definition, and you’ll have a better visual experience during your night drives. Plus, the Blade Night-Lites® are coated with 2x scratch guard inner and outer lens coatings that help to keep your night driving glasses in pristine condition, longer. Blade Night-Lites® come in an ergonomic wraparound frame, with an ultra-wide field of view to help maximize your central and peripheral night vision. Their lightweight, durable Techlon™ polycarbonate frame is melded with ultra-soft temple tips for all-day, all-night comfort; and air-comb nose grips work to improve airflow while delivering a secure fit.