Eagle Eyes Optic
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Eagle Eyes Optic


Black Stylish Multipurpose Eyeglasses
3-in-1 Classic System Multipurpose Eyeglasses


Imagine 24/7, 3-way eye protection contained in a single pair of stylish frames. Whether day, night, or digital light, these glasses are ready for your eyes.Eagly Eyes’ revolutionary 3-in-1 magnetic eyewear system gives you 3 innovative lens technologies in a single, stylish platform. This exclusive Eagle Eyes® system provides 24/7 vision support with TriLenium® Polarized and Night-Lite® lenses that magnetically and inconspicuously attach to a DigiTec® base frame.Developed from original NASA optic technology, Eagle Eyes’ TriLenium® Polarized Lenses block blue light and 99.9% harmful UVA & UVB, and allow in vision-enhancing light rays for optimum protection and visual acuity.Perfect for nighttime, the Eagle Eyes® Night-Lite® Night Driving lens addition features special non-polarized, micro-infused, optical-grade, anti-reflective lenses designed to filter out high-glare light from oncoming headlights and LED-lit signage.Eagle Eyes’ DigiTec® Technology features crystal filter, micro-infused, optical-grade, anti-reflective lenses designed to block blue light emission from electronic devices, such as computers and phones. These magnetic additions help reduce eyestrain, squinting, fatigue, and tired eyes—extending hours of visual tasks.Finally, everything you need for advanced eye protection in one stylish system.