Eagle Eyes Optic
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Eagle Eyes Optic


Gold Night Driving Aviator Eyeglasses
Classic Aviator NL Night-Driving Glasses


Own the road all night long with Eagle Eyes’ award-winning yellow night driving glasses in classic aviator style. Their Night-Lite® technology integrates non-polarized and anti-glare lens protection for nighttime driving.The first aviator glasses were designed to help WWII Allied pilots battling it out over Europe and the Pacific. Eagle Eyes adapted that iconic silhouette and concept for the needs of night drivers, fitted with their exclusive Night-Lite® lenses. Night-Lite® optical technology works to filter out high-intensity glare in night driving situations. It softens harsh lights from high beams, lifted trucks and semis in the oncoming lane, and overly bright LED signage. Add the exclusive micro-infused yellow lenses designed for optimal clarity and definition, and you’ll have a better visual experience during your night drives. And 2x scratch guard inner and outer lens coatings helps to keep your night driving aviators in pristine condition, longer.