Eagle Eyes Optic
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Eagle Eyes Optic


Matte Black Night Driving Eyeglasses
Charlie NL Night-Driving Glasses


If your day is just beginning to heat up when the sun goes down, meet your new wingman: the Charlie Night-Lite®. These retro-inspired night driving glasses with anti-reflective (anti-glare) technology provide maximum clarity, definition, and style for driving at night and in low-light conditions.Enhancing your vision at night has never looked better. The Charlie NL combines classic, retro-inspired club-style glasses with proprietary Night-Lite® technology. Their micro-infused, non-polarized yellow lenses will sharpen your vision at night, adding incredible clarity and definition, and the anti-reflective coating blocks distracting high-intensity glare from headlights, LED signage, flood lights, and other bright lights. The Charlie’s lightweight but durable Grilamid® TR-90 frames are made for long-lasting comfort and effortless, laid-back style.