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Candle-Powered Space Heater


Egloo is a convenient and eco-friendly way to heat, scent, and humidify your space— all while adding a gentle glow that enhances the ambiance, whether you set it indoors or outdoors. Like a personal fireplace you can take with you almost everywhere, each Egloo is handmade in Italy by master artisans to offer both style and function. The Egloo includes a specially designed candle made from high quality natural wax. When combined with the laser cut cherry wood wicks and an innovative terracotta construction, heat is absorbed, retained, and gradually released into the surrounding area. The Egloo is compatible with essential oil aromatherapy. Premium fragrances crafted by Italian master perfumers boast true-to-life nature and subtle layers of fine notes that create a simple yet sophisticated palette.The humidifier function helps to create a healthier home without introducing any air pollution. The power of a candle evaporates water that goes on to moisten the air in your space.