Eiffel Stool (Gray)
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Eiffel Stool (Gray)


Sleek Minimal Stool


The sleek, minimalist design of the Eiffel is just as stable as a four-legged one, but it gives more freedom of movement to the person sitting on it. As simple as it is functional, Eiffel is an ancillary stool suitable for all sorts of uses. It was first manufactured in a fully-recyclable type of cardboard that itself is manufactured from recycled paper. A tough material capable of handling everything and anyone, since it can withstand weights of up to 300 pounds. Eiffel comes in a cardboard flatpack, ready to be assembled. The pack includes a recycled cotton bag, which you can use for whatever you want, just like the Eiffel stool itself: as an ancillary stool in the kitchen, in group spaces where activities with lots of children take place, at the office for quick, informal meetings, on the porch, next to the sofa, or as a side table on which to put your book or glass.