Family Belongings
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Family Belongings


Liquor Glass Set
HULU Liquor Glass


In the past, farmers from Northern China used naturally dried hulus, or gourds, to scoop water and wash rice. Tableware and eating utensils were considered essential family belongings that connected everyone to the same table, symbolizing harmony and a sense of home. The HULU has been used for natural containers since the Chou Dynasty (1066 BC-770 BC). In wedding ceremonies of this period, brides and grooms exchanged drinks from a HULU that was cut into two halves. This ritual symbolized the harmony of yin and yang, while the making of one entity from two parts represented the beginning of the home for newlyweds. In Asian countries, wine or liquor is consumed both warm and cold. When used for either temperature of wine, the double wall mouth blown wine glass keeps the wine in desirable temperature for longer period.