Filter Replacements
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Filter Replacements


AirZ Mask Filter Replacements
Set of 30


Get more out of your AirZ mask with these filter replacements. Each one is custom designed for the AirZ and lasts approximately 5-7 days depending on use.The 5-layer replaceable filter features a plant fiber filter for waterproofing, an activated carbon filter for anti-odor, two layers of HEPA purification and filtering, and a PP sponge filter that handles up to PM2.5 with up to 99% efficiency. Airz can filter:-particulate matter: 99% of PM2.5 and performs as well as surgical face masks)-Air Pollution (air quality has been a global problem for a long time, and most air pollution is bad for our health so the activated carbon filter of airz can efficiently filter most of these harmful pollutants for us. -microorganisms (the certification of ASTM2101 standard ensures AirZ can block 99% harmful microorganisms in the air)Note: Before purchasing, please check with local guidelines and recommendations to see if this product is suitable for your intended use.