Formation Bar
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Formation Bar


High-Fidelity Sound Bar


Enjoy high-fidelity music and movies with the Formation Bar. The exclusive Formation Wireless Technology creates perfected in-room speaker synchronization, providing the ultimate listening experience. Born from Bowers & Wilkins legendary loudspeakers, each driver is optimally positioned to create a wide and inclusive soundstage for music and movies. There’s even a dedicated central chanel so you can hear your favorite shows and movies with crisp, clear dialogue. Pair with the Formation speakers and bass to experience immersive 5.1 sound.Formation products create a mesh network. Each product in this network dynamically chooses the optimal path to route audio-data between products, in order to ensure a robust streaming experience. Bowers & Wilkins have therefore certified Formation products for High Network Availability (HiNA) and conform to the appropriate power requirements set out in the ERP directive.