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Fountain Pen


Modern Classic Fountain Pen
Modern Classic


The Modern Classic Dryden Fountain Pen is designed with ease in mind. The ink flows directly out of the pen’s nib, so no excessive pressure is required to write, reducing potential pain over time in the hands and wrists. This fountain pen delivers smooth lines and a consistent flow that won’t skip or leave ink blobs behind. The zero ink leakage design and cap cover extends the life of your pen and ink, reducing waste and refill costs.Each pen is compatible with both a standard cartridge and bottled ink, making it a versatile fountain pen. For your convenience, every order includes a piston converter. This pump allows you to refill the pen with an ink bottle you purchase separately. The Dryden Fountain Pen comes gift ready. A nice surprise for college graduates, literary writers, or a treat for yourself as someone who likes to meticulously take notes and stay organized.