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Unique Terrarium & LED Light
Suspended Terrarium (8″ Terrarium + LED Light)


Globe is a handblown hanging terrarium, designed for low maintenance varieties of both air and aquatic plants. Available in two sizes, it features an integrated LED light, creating a unique viewing perspective of the plants and other elements.The nearly invisible power cord used for each globe is made possible by utilizing micro-wire technology, originally developed for wearable electronics. Combined with discrete but incredibly strong stainless steel cable, the Globe floats in the air, drawing the full focus to the elements inside the Globe. At heart the Globe is a planter but it can also be used in a number of other ways, from protecting and displaying objects to simply diffusing and refracting light. When filled with water, the Globe acts as a spectacular lens, and with the addition of a few drops of white or colored food dye it is possible to create some truly stunning light effects. When it comes to planting your Globe, start with a few layers of small stones, pebbles, or gravel. This will help with drainage and avoid root rot. Then add charcoal for water filtration, then add soil. You can leave the soil exposed, or cover the soil in sand, bark, pebbles or other decorative elements. To fill a larger space hang multiple Globes together at slightly different heights to create pods of 3 or 5 with a range of both sizes. Combine both earth plants and aquatic plants in one cluster for more visual variation.