Human Headphones
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Human Headphones


Wireless Over-Ear Headphones


The revolutionary Human Headphones are so much more than your standard headphones. With up to 9 hours of continuous playback on a single charge, these true wireless headphones combine the incredible sound quality of over-the-ear headphones with the convenience of wireless earbuds, and the ability to transform into a portable Bluetooth speaker. Simply snap the Human Headphones together to share music, phones calls, and translate up to 11 languages in Speaker mode. Available via the Human Headphones app (iOS & Android), Translation Mode supports real time language translation both for individuals and groups. Snap into Speaker mode for group translation, and it’s like having an interpreter right in the room. Blend mode activates the external microphones, letting you listen to your music and amplify the world around you at the same time so you can stay aware of the world around you. The optimized spacing of the beamforming microphones also enables superior voice-capture for clear phone calls, even in noisy environments. Finally, intuitive touch and voice controls let you immerse yourself in a seamless audio experience. Easily control media, make calls, send texts, and activate your phone’s digital assistant without ever having to reach for your device.