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Liquid Massaging Orthotic Insoles
Dynamic Liquid Massaging Orthotic Insoles (US Men’s Shoe Size: 7.5 – 9; Women’s 9 – 10.5)


Relieve tired feet, stiff joints, and all the other discomfort you experience after a day on the move with Hydrofeet®. These dynamic massaging insoles feature a food-grade liquid glycerin filling that adjusts to your unique foot structure for even distribution of pressure on the feet. This not only relieves common foot problems, it helps improve your gait, correct your posture, and relieve the knee, hip, and back pains from both regular and sport activities. Most importantly, these memory foam-covered insoles are thin and flexible, so they can be slipped in with ease and used with all kinds of footwear— whether its your most stylish formal shoes, your running shoes, or your go-to boots. After a few uses, your feet will feel cool, comfortable, and energized just like you were walking on water!