Ionic Sound System
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Ionic Sound System


Limited Edition Sound System


The Ionic Sound System takes your audio experience to impressive new heights with a pair of Spirula spiral speakers augmented by an active Thunderstone subwoofer that covers deep bass frequencies. This solid woofer can add rumble to film explosions and depth to kick drums, bass guitars, analog synths, orchestras, and more.A combination of unique design and meticulous engineering, the enclosures of this incredible sound system are 3D printed from a composite sandstone. The freshly printed silica sand cores are porous and brittle, but when infiltrated by a bespoke hardener, the cabinets turn into an air-tight and resonance-free form, resulting in an incredibly stylish and highly functional design that provides next level sound.The Thunderstone Subwoofer makes wireless streaming simple. Just press play on your device and it will instantly connect via Bluetooth. Whether it’s your smartphone, gaming console, PC, laptop, TV, or your turntable—analog or digital— the system detects the input source to connect automatically. Without a signal, the system goes into standby waiting to awaken via Bluetooth or incoming signal to Toslink.Powered by a set of bespoke Deeptime circuit boards, the heart of this subwoofer is a powerful D-class integrated amplifier with ultra-low noise levels. Three acoustically optimized helical bass ports reinforce the structure and minimize its resonance to produce deep, clear frequencies, right down to 40 Hz. Aluminum speaker cones separate the subwoofer from the object on which it is resting, effectively stopping vibrations from passing between the two and affecting the quality of the sound. An external ring adjusts the bass, while the internal knob controls the volume of the entire system. Both are equipped with a set of neodymium magnets and ball bearings. Spin it, and the Hall effect sensors detect the rotating magnets and adjust the intensity. While the standard controls tend to crackle and break after time, this durable design will perform flawlessly for decades. Bioluminescent-inspired LEDs in each bass port indicate when the system is on stand-by, and gently brighten when the volume increases.Spirula Speakers take up little space on your desk, but they create soundstage like studio monitors twice the size. These passive satellite speakers with a versatile 3 full-range range driver with a bamboo fiber paper cone for minimum distortion and high accuracy. Their unique shape is modeled after the spiral-shaped cochleae present in the human ear, which greatly extends the range of frequencies and octaves we can hear.This premium design utilizes drivers loaded by reverse-tapered horns, or exponentially diminishing tubes, to effectively stop sound waves radiating from the rear of the unit. The driver is equipped with an underhung voice coil, which places the entire coil inside the magnetic gap for the utmost in control and accuracy. Designed for minimum distortion and resonance, the bamboo fiber paper cone and structured surround produce a smooth response without harsh peaks or dips. The aluminum phase plug improves off-axis response while also acting as a shorting ring providing greater control of the voice coil resulting in lower distortion.This bundle also includes flexible, ultra durable audio cables manufactured from a twisted pair of silicone-insulated, oxygen-free copper wires covered in a braided sleeve. Each is terminated with a 4 mm banana plug that slots into the Spirulas and Thunderstone. These speaker cables provide excellent transmission of the low frequencies while preserving the subtle essences of the mid and high rates that make the sound authentic. The cables are halogen-free and thus environment-friendly.The wire is manufactured by renowned Swiss company Stäubli, each crafted by hand using only hand-operated tools. To meet the highest quality standards, each cable is tested on a modern tester for shorts, wire and insulation resistance, dielectric failures, and overcurrent.