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Powerful Smart Home Device


Turn any surface into a remote control with Knocki, the smart device that gives you control of your favorite functions through the surfaces around you. With just a few quick taps on any preset surface, you can instantly start a task (or even a whole list of tasks). Enjoy the freedom to do things quickly, easily, and naturally, without the privacy concerns, awkwardness, or disruption of voice control.Knocki detects and identifies tap and knock patterns on tables, walls, counters, doors, and more using non-acoustic motion algorithm—no smart home system required. Simply attach Knocki to a solid surface, and specify actions that correspond to a certain number or pattern of knocks in the free app or online. Place Knocki under your nightstand, then set it to turn out the lights and set an alarm with just a tap. Stick it on your front door, and receive a message on your phone if someone knocks on the door. Or with just a few quick taps on your kitchen counter, you can ring your lost phone or even order a pizza!Knocki can be programmed to perform a wide variety of useful tasks, doesn’t require a power outlet, and can control other apps and objects from an unlimited distance away via its web connectivity. And unlike smart speakers like Alexa, Knocki does not rely on microphones or audio sensors, so you’ll never have to worry about it listening in. This also means that Knocki works equally well in loud environments, and won’t disturb others in quiet environments like bedrooms. With Knocki, simplicity and convenience is just a tap away.