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Portable Electrostatic Earphone System
Electrostatic Earphone System


Electrostatic technology provides the fastest, most accurate transient response available. Until now, it has never been applied to Sound Isolating earphones. The KSE1500SYS Electrostatic Earphone System features a virtually weightless diaphragm surrounded by an electrostatic field generated by the back plates that manage charge oscillation. The result is unmatched clarity and detail with an extremely high correlation to the source audio.FeaturesElectrostatic earphone technology delivers more accurate sound than dynamic or armature driver technologies. With a 6-pin LEMO connector, the cable delivers the specific bias required by the electrostatic drivers. The earphones and amplifier create a unique system of components only compatible with one another. Made of durable ballistic fiber, these cables were painstakingly engineered to meet the particular needs of electrostatic technology in a portable form factor.Using just two simple touch points—the large, tactile top knob and side button—you can control all menu navigation, and this portable electrostatic amplifier makes great sound possible anywhere. It charges from a wall charger or computer even when streaming audio, and the charge lasts up to 7 hours with digital input and up to 10 hours with analog input.