LCR2 Speaker (Gloss Black)
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LCR2 Speaker (Gloss Black)


Super-Compact Dynamic Speaker


Diminutive but dynamic, the LCR2 offers maximum performance from the smallest size ever offered by Atlantic Technology. Despite its size, the LCR2 is a true Atlantic Technology product that delivers excellent audio reproduction for smaller applications.The LCR2 is a super-compact speaker with attractive gloss finish that looks great and fits into any décor. They’re easily wall- or stand-mounted, and can even placed on a shelf or tabletop. They’re available singly, so you can buy three for LCR use, two for surrounds, or one as a center channel.The LCR2 features the same audiophile-grade components as Atlantic Technology’s newest speaker lineup: long-excursion 3½-inch woofers with CPP (Composite Polypropylene/Paper) cones and ¾-inch silk dome tweets with exceptional upper-octave dispersion. The LCR2’s response extends down to 100Hz, more than deep enough for any accompanying subwoofer to be totally non-localizable. “Small but superlative” sums up the LCR2.Sound waves emanate out from a woofer or tweeter just like ripples in a pond emanate away from the spot where you tossed in the pebble. But if you put something in the water near that spot—like the leg of a pier—when those ripples hit the obstruction, they’ll break up into many smaller waves and the smoothness of the original wave is gone. This effect breaks up sound, smearing the clarity of the original signal.To counteract this, the drivers of the LCR2 are mounted in a dense resonant-free mounting plate that sits proud of the speaker baffle. The result is that the drivers “see” a smooth local acoustic environment, so none of their sound diffracts off the blunt inner surface of the grille frame, the way it does on a conventional speaker. Instead of multiple “ripples” interfering with each other for maximum clarity and intelligibility.