Mahaton Portable Toilet Sanitizer
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Mahaton Portable Toilet Sanitizer


Portable Toilet Sanitizer


Stop the spread of bathroom germs at the source with the Mahaton Portable Toilet Sanitizer. This intelligent device uses UV-C LED technology to seamlessly and consistently sanitize your toilet seat inside and out to make sure it’s bacteria-free all the time!When a toilet is flushed, the force created by the sudden gush of water sends germs and fecal matter up to 15 feet in the air, and leaves germs on surrounding surfaces. Closing the lid helps stop this phenomenon known as a toilet plume, but the reality is not everyone closes the lid everytime they flush. The Mahaton Toilet Sanitizer offers a new kind of sanitizing experience. This portable device uses cutting edge UV-C LED technology to provide fast and effective sanitation of both the inside part of the toilet and the toilet seat by eliminating bacteria in just 120 seconds. At 275mm, this UV-C light effectively destroys the DNA and RNA strands of bacteria, while also killing germs and dust mites. Take it with you on the go, and use the hand-held mode to sanitize any surface you point it at. You can also attach it directly to your toilet cover and use the Vertical and Horizontal modes to turn an ordinary toilet into an auto UV disinfection toilet in just a few seconds. When attached to your toilet cover, the Mahaton will automatically disinfect for 5 minutes every 2 hours. The addition of safety sensors mean there’s no need to worry about the LED harming your eyes. Even when it starts sanitizing, the Mahaton will automatically shut off if someone comes within 10 feet of the device to prevent any potential harm.This ultra-convenient sanitizer includes a magnetic suction charger that makes it an easily re-chargeable and provides up to 2 weeks of regular use per charge. Shell heat conductivity ensures an extremely effective output, while the cover-mounted smart switch offers simple and user-friendly operation. The handheld design means you can use Mahaton to sanitize just about anything, anytime, and anywhere you go. Plus this technology holds FDA, CE, and SGS certifications, so it couldn’t be safer for you to use!