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Black Marble Porcelain Dinner Tray
Warm Dinner Tray


Impress your guests with a culinary masterpiece when you use the Modulo. The serving plate is integrated with Tempcontrol® technology that keeps food warm for up to 30 minutes. From pastas to poultry, the Modulo keeps food at the perfect temperature so you can enjoy it without a loss of flavor. The sleek and elegant design also enhances your table setting, and highlights your impeccable taste. To Use— Put the Modulo in the oven at 194°F— Wait 70 minutes, then take it out— Start plating and serve!— Dishes will remain warm for up to 30 minutesPlease NoteIt is possible to heat up your serving plate at 212°F if you put it in your oven for less time. However, with this method, the technology will not be fully activated and the serving plate will not stay at the perfect temperature for the entire 30 minute period. The product should not be warmed up in the oven more than 212°F. Higher temperatures can damage the technology. Warming up in the microwave is not recommended.