Nordic Kitchen Cookware
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Nordic Kitchen Cookware


Lightweight Nordic Frying Pan
Frying Pan (9.5″)


The Nordic Kitchen Cookware Frying Pan has a solid 7mm base and is suitable for frying all types of meat and vegetables. The Nordic Kitchen Cookware Series is designed with a raw cast-iron look but is, in fact, made of aluminium to offer excellent and efficient heat-conducting properties. Lightweight and easy to handle in the kitchen, the pots and pans in the series all have a PFOA-free, PTFE four-layer non-stick Slip-Let® coating, reducing the need for fat when cooking and making them even easier to clean. Each one is finished with an oak wood handle that ensures a firm grip during use. Because aluminum conducts heat so efficiently, the handle mat get hot during use, so we recommend using pot holders at all times.