Original Roman Empire Bronze Sesterce Coin
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Original Roman Empire Bronze Sesterce Coin


Bronze Roman Surgical Utensil Kit
Emperor Trebonianus Gallus


Obverse: ΑΥΤΟΚ Κ Γ ΟΥΙΒ ΤΡЄΒ ΓΑΛΛΟϹ ϹЄΒ. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.Reverse: ΑΝΤΙΟΧЄΩΝ ΜΗΤΡΟ ΚΟΛΩΝ / Δ – Є / S C. Tetrastyle temple, containing Tyche seated facing and river god Orontes swimming left; above, ram leaping left, head right.Trebonianus Gallus, also known as Gallus, was Roman Emperor from June 251 to August 253, in a joint rule with his son Volusianus. Gallus came from an ancient family of Perusia (modern Perugia, Italy), whose ancestry could be traced to the pre-Roman Etruscan aristocracy. He served the emperor Decius with loyalty and distinction as legate of Moesia and was proclaimed emperor after the defeat and death (June 251) of Decius at the hands of the Goths.The sestertius (plural sestertii), or sesterce (plural sesterces), was an ancient Roman coin. During the Roman Republic it was a small, silver coin issued only on rare occasions. During the Roman Empire it was a large brass coin.