Original Roman Empire Silver Denarius
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Original Roman Empire Silver Denarius


Emperor Maximinus Thrax Silver Denarius
Emperor Maximinus Thrax


Obverse: Maximinus Thrax Denarius. IMP MAXIMINVS PIVS AVG, laureate, draped bust right.Reverse: VICTORIA AVG, Victory running right bearing wreath & palm.Maximinus Thrax also known as Maximinus I, was Roman Emperor from 235 to 238. Maximinus was a literal giant, said to have been the tallest and strongest man in the empire. A Thraco-Roman of low birth, Maximinus was the commander of the Legio IV Italica when Severus Alexander was assassinated by his own troops in 235. The Praetorian Guard then elected Maximinus emperor.The denarii of Maximinus Thrax (Thrax = “The Thracian”) are among the best-produced silver coins of the entire Roman empire. A denarius (plural denarii) is an ancient Roman coin made of silver. Like most countries, ancient Roman coins represented a portion of a larger denomination. The smallest denomination issued at the time was the as (plural asses). A denarius functioned similarly to the United States penny in today’s commerce.