Perfect Snack Box
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Perfect Snack Box


ToMo Foodie Box


Sample some of our favorites with our Perfect Snack Box! Carefully selected from some of our most popular items, this tantalizing bundle includes 16 oz of Northwest Bierhaus Jerky, 21 oz of SeaBear Salmon, 32 oz of Battistoni Salami, and 21 oz of Wicked Mix.Oregon-based Northwest Bierhaus is dedicated to producing delicious, hand-crafted beef jerky marinated in northwest beers and west coast wines. Try 4 oz each of their Beer Jerky, Wine Jerky – Hot, Beer Sausage Sticks, and Whiskey Sausage Sticks.Perfect for camping trips, emergency kits, sophisticated recipes, or just snacking, SeaBear’s Ready-to-Eat Wild Salmon packs showcase the incredible flavor and texture of 100% wild caught salmon. Enjoy a pantheon of wild-caught salmon, including Pink Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Lemon Pepper Smoked Pink Salmon, Lemon Pepper Smoked Sockeye Salmon, and Smoked Sockeye Salmon.Battistoni meats are made using the same recipes brought to America from Italy by Umberto Battistoni in 1931. Enjoy Sweet Italian Salami, Hot Italian Salami, Hard Salami, and Soppressata. New and different, Wicked Mix is a devilishly delicious medley of cashews, pecan halves, almonds, sesame sticks and other crunch gourmet delights. It’s all blended with a unique combination of rich and tangy spices, then baked to sweet, salty, spicy perfection. Try both Spicy Original and Smoky Hot.