Phono Box Ultra 500
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Phono Box Ultra 500


Chrome Phono Preamplifier


Phono Box Ultra 500 is like no other phono preamplifier in its class. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide, it celebrates the 500,000th Phono Box that Pro-Ject has manufactured and shipped. The polished chrome surface outshines every competitor in this price range and offers undeniable aesthetics. Underneath the surface, Pro-Ject has used a copper body known to have high qualities in protecting against high frequency interferences. The internal design has also been reworked to offer a fully discrete, OpAmp-less design, which enables Pro-Ject to realize an incredibly harmonious sound. On top of leaving out operational amplifiers, Pro-Ject decided to use polystyrene capacitors that significantly contribute to the high-end sound Phono Box ultra 500 offers. These capacitors are known amongst audiophiles as the holy grail for phono preamplifiers.