Potidean Officer Full Size Helmet (Without Stand)
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Potidean Officer Full Size Helmet (Without Stand)


Handmade Potidean Officer Helmet


Elevate your decor with classical antiquity art styles, and transform any space into your own private history museum with this impressive, life size replica of a Potidean Officer Helmet. Handmade in Greece from solid bronze, this exact museum reproduction is based on an original Potidaea helmet dated to 340 BCE. Potidaea was a colony founded by the Corinthians around 600 BCE. While besieged by the Persians in 479 BCE, the town was saved by the earliest recorded tsunami in history. Herodotus reports how the Persians attackers who tried to exploit an unusual retreat of the water were suddenly surprised by a great flood-tide, higher, as the people of the place say, than any one of the many that had been before.