PowerDolphin Wizard
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PowerDolphin Wizard


4K UHD Camera Drone


PowerVision’s PowerDolphin captures life in stunning 4K photography and video, while simultaneously mapping underwater contours and improving your fishing game with its intelligent fishing functions. PowerDolphin takes fishing to a whole new level of ease and performance. Through externally mounted accessories, the PowerDolphin Wizard can find fish, lure them to the PowerDolphin, and catch them by trolling or guided bait and hook. The PowerSeeker intelligent fish finder can be used to enhance the ability to find fish with real-time detection within 131 ft. underwater to help fisherman accurately determine active fishing spots. Equipped with an intelligent sonar device and GPS waypoint function, drawing underwater topographic maps is a first in the marine drone industry. PowerDolphin’s front nose is equipped with a 220° dual-joint rotation 4K camera to achieve above water and underwater photography or video. The 4K high-definition images captured by PowerDolphin can be sent in real-time via ultra-long-range wireless 1080P image transmission to the dedicated App Vision+ 2. Whether it is thrilling water sports, an exciting bait dropping process, or the magnificent underwater scenery, all can be viewed from a first-person perspective with the PowerDolphin Wizard.