PowerRay Wizard
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PowerRay Wizard


State-Of-The-Art Underwater Drone


Take to the depths and explore the underwater world with the PowerRay Wizard, complete with Zeiss VR goggles, a 64gb memory card, and a 210 ft tether. The PowerRay can deep dive up to 98 feet, and features an internal Wi-Fi system that allows it to transmit images and data over a distance of up to 262 feet This state of the art underwater drone excels at both exploring and fishing, and is easy to use for both novices and professional fisherman alike. Using the PowerRay Mobile App, you can view real-time transmitted photo or video captured by PowerRay’s integrated 4K UHD camera on any iOS or Android mobile devices. The app provides access to fish-identifying images, underwater data, and alerts. It also allows access to the real-time position of the PowerRay vehicle and select travel mode, speed, and light settings. The PowerRay Wizard features the detachable PowerSeeker FishFinder that offers detailed information on fish distribution, underwater temperature, depth, underwater landscape, and fish alerts are all available on the mobile app. It also has a Precision Remote Bait Drop for unparalleled accuracy.Also included with the PowerRay Wizard is one set of high quality VR Goggles. Get the full experience of diving underwater, while staying in the comfort of dry land.