Silicone Rubber Broom
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Silicone Rubber Broom


Scratch Free Silicone Rubber Broom


Keep your home clean with ease with the versatile and durable Silicone Rubber Broom. Featuring an adjustable joint that easily reaches underneath furniture, this silicone broom is designed with slanted bristles to perfectly clean along walls. The durable, scratch free bristles even work on carpets, utilizing static energy to catch even tiny pieces of dirt and dust, as well as the hair and fur vacuum cleaners leave behind. The broom is finished with an integrated squeegee on the back to dry up any spills, and fitted with a long handle, giving you remarkable comfort that other rubber brooms simply can’t match. Whether you use it on hardwood, cement, tile or glass, the single cast natural rubber build guarantees unwavering service for years to come.