Silver Dots (48″W x 19″H x 0.5″D)
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Silver Dots (48″W x 19″H x 0.5″D)


Silver Dots Wall Sculpture


Give yourself another reason to hold your head high with Silver Dots by artist Helena Martin. Go get that promotion, that date, that trophy, or whatever else has eluded you; this artwork is a timeless classic that will enhance your space, uplift your spirits, and elevate your potential. This contemporary abstract masterpiece is handcrafted with fade-resistant finishes and thick, industrial grade aluminum, making it durable, resilient, and easy to clean. The holographic pattern is permanently scratched into the surface with a handheld die grinder, creating a stunning monochromatic silver finish. This modern metal wall art becomes a striking focal point and helps create an instant conversation piece in your space. The layered grind pattern has unique dimension and depth, catching eyes and turning heads from every angle.