Smart Snore Eye Mask
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Smart Snore Eye Mask


Smart Snore Detecting Eye Mask


Achieve more restful sleep for yourself, and for anyone who may be sleeping next to you, with the Smart Snore Eye Mask. This comfortable, adjustable, nylon sleep mask uses gentle vibrations to stop your snoring naturally. The Smart Snore Eye Mask is able to detect snoring through advanced bone-conducted technology and a unique snore recognition algorithm. Once detected, it utilizes 36 levels of progressive micro-vibrations to eliminate the cause of snoring. These light vibrations will gently stir you without waking you, allowing you to naturally adjust the muscles in your throat that can constrict breathing so you can sleep more soundly. Bluetooth enabled, Smart Snore Eye Mask connects directly to the Sleeplus companion app so you can collect and monitor data on your snoring-related status and the health of your sleep.