Speaker Cloud (Swag Kit)
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Speaker Cloud (Swag Kit)


Handmade Smart Cloud Lamp


The Speaker Cloud is truly the original cloud lamp. Decorative, whimsical, and illuminating, also an interactive speaker that lets you stream music, thunder sounds, or other nature sounds from your device via Bluetooth. The Music Visualization feature even makes the light automatically pulse in time with your tunes. This smart lamp can be installed two different ways. The Hardwire Option will require a junction box and a licensed electrician. If you are replacing an existing pendant or planning to use this in a new building or renovation, this option may be preferable, since it offers a cleaner, simpler look when complete. The Hardwire kit comes with 6 feet of electrical cord, a 5 canopy, a mounting kit, connection wires, a cord grip, and wire nuts that allow you to wire the power converters on the lamp into your junction box. The Swag Option is a bit messier visually, but easy to do yourself, and only requires a standard wall outlet. Simply screw the included Swag Hook into a ceiling or beam, and run the cord to the nearest outlet. This option comes with 10 feet of electrical cord, a US polarized plug with a switch near the plug end, two hooks, and two cord grips.