Spirula Speakers
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Spirula Speakers


Functional Spirula Speakers
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Inspired by natural forms, the 3D printed Spirula Speakers by Deeptime Limited are passive satellite speakers with a versatile 3 range driver designed for minimum distortion and high accuracy. Their unique shape is modeled after the spiral-shaped cochleae present in the human ear, which greatly extends the range of frequencies and octaves we can hear.A combination of unique material, unusual design, and meticulous engineering, these incredible speakers are 3D printed from a brand new composite material made from sand. The freshly printed silica sand cores are porous and brittle, but when infiltrated by a bespoke hardener, the cabinets turn into an air-tight and resonance-free form, resulting in an incredibly stylish and highly functional design that provides next level sound. This premium design utilizes drivers loaded by reverse-tapered horns, or exponentially diminishing tubes, to effectively stop sound waves radiating from the rear of the unit. The versatile 3” full range driver is equipped with an underhung voice coil, which places the entire coil inside the magnetic gap for the utmost in control and accuracy. Designed for minimum distortion and resonance, the bamboo fiber paper cone and structured surround produce a smooth response without harsh peaks or dips. The aluminum phase plug improves off-axis response while also acting as a shorting ring providing greater control of the voice coil resulting in lower distortion.Spirula speakers don’t require a speaker stand. When placed next to your computer, laptop or TV screen, the slightly angled speaker driver is designed to aim to your ears directly for uncompressed sound quality everytime you turn them on.