SPRYNG Active Compression Recovery Calf Wrap
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SPRYNG Active Compression Recovery Calf Wrap


Active Compression Calf Wraps
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Whether you’ve had a rough leg day, spent hours sitting at your office, or just finished a marathon, SPRYNG™ is the ultimate recovery device to help you get going again in just 15 minutes. This revolutionary calf wrap uses patented compression profiles that work seamlessly with sophisticated pneumatic pumps to deliver deep tissue massage and effective active compression therapy clinically proven to help relieve pain, reduce swelling, improve circulation, speed up recovery, and improve performance. SPRYNG™ is completely wireless, USB rechargeable, and compact enough to store in your gym bag or take with you on the go so you can experience recovery anywhere, any time. It features two compression patterns, Graduated Compression (green light) and Pulsatile Compression (blue light). Both combined are referred to as Spryng’s wavetec™ compression. This wavetec™ compression pattern effectively mimics your skeletal muscle pump to help enhance your body’s natural circulatory flow. This means you get safe, powerful, and effective active compression that compliments your body’s natural rhythm.SPRYNG™ also has three levels of intensity. First, is a mild mode at 50 mmHg at the bottom near the ankle. The second is a medium intensity at 80 mmHg at the bottom near the ankle. SPRYNG™’s highest level of intensity is at 110 mmHg at the bottom near the ankle, specifically designed for those recovering after a tough workout routine where your calves need a bit of tough love.