Studio S1 High-Resolution In-Ear Monitor
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Studio S1 High-Resolution In-Ear Monitor


High-Resolution In-Ear Monitor Headphone


Studio S1 is a high-resolution in-ear monitor with a premium-grade beryllium-coated loudspeaker. This IEM has excellent audio and balanced natural sound with an industry-standard MMCX detachable cable an Comply premium memory earphone tips. Built from photopolymer resin, each unit is dyed, polished, assembled and tuned by professional engineers to ensure aesthetic and acoustic perfection. The favorite personal monitor for professional and amateur musicians, S1 is an excellent dynamic-driver-only IEM solution. Not everyone enjoys the artificial sound of a BA solution. To deliver the most natural sound, the S1 uses a single 8mm beryllium-coated dynamic speaker for top-responsiveness and high-resolution audio. The extreme stiffness of metal beryllium offers a great balance between firm bass output and superb treble clarity. With the proprietary acoustic chamber design of the S1 unit, this single dynamic driver IEM out-performs many BA products in the market by far.