Studio S2 BA-Dynamic Hybrid In-Ear Monitor
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Studio S2 BA-Dynamic Hybrid In-Ear Monitor


BA-Dynamic Hybrid In-Ear Headphone


Studio S2 is a BA-Dynamic Hybrid in-ear monitor. Utilizing balanced armature drivers from Knowles and an 8mm proprietary dynamic speaker, S2 is 100% handcrafted and comes with industry-standard MMCX detachable cable. S2 also comes with Comply premium memory earphone tips. Designed for producers and studio engineers, S2 is perfect for professional recording and mixing without any compromise in terms of sound quality and audio accuracy. A dual-driver design, the S2 uses a hybrid mixture of balanced armature driver and dynamic speaker. Most IEM brands in the market boast the number of BA a unit houses, but quantity doesn’t equal quality. Instead, S2 uses an 10mm dynamic speaker for natural bass performance, while the Knowles WBFK is used for resolution and clarity.