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Tapas Tins


Mussels Squid Cockles & Giant Calamari
Set of 4


MusselsEnjoy a rich and flavorful snack anytime of the day with this pack of Mussels in Pickled Sauce. They are farm raised and put in a 4 oz container with spices, vinegar, salt, and soybean oil to provide you with a delectable treat which can be used a variety of ways. PAYPAY mussels are rich in protein and omega-3s and can be used to create a wonderful bruschetta appetizer, mouth-watering tapas or a marinated salad. They come in an easy-to-open can with a peel-away lid.Squid Pieces in InkPacked in squid ink, this classic Basque dish offer a surprisingly subtle and sophisticated flavor that makes a great snack alongside cocktails and Spanish wine. The jet black color of the sauce also makes for a striking visual on the plate.Cockles in BrineAlso known as berberechos in Spain, these mussel-like shellfish are a Galician delicacy, where they’re usually served up with lemon and parsley. Try them seasoned with some fresh ground pepper, olive oil, or mustard, served as an appetizer or as part of a tapas platter.Giant CalamariGiant calamari in sunflower and olive oil is one of the most popular seafood products. The squid is part of the mollusk family and is closely related to both the octopus and cuttlefish.